Positively Senior

Georganne Vartorella

Voice, Vision & Vitality

Our mission is to build stronger communities by partnering seniors and businesses for their mutual growth and prosperity.

Positively Senior is more than a vision. We are the voice and vitality of communities, seniors and every generation. Our network of seniors and senior friendly businesses ensures convenience, quality and trust. Georganne Vartorella, MD is the founder and CEO of Positively Senior. Her mission of vitality and quality of life for seniors is evident in her philosophy and lifestyle.


Senior Friendly Businesses

Your one click resource for finding great senior friendly businesses in your community. Find pre-qualified restaurants, stores, service providers, and more with Positively Senior. Read honest reviews from other seniors like you. Check out our business ratings and profiles. Save time and money.

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Our Rating System

Our pre-qualified businesses and level ratings, ensure the best service to fit your needs and expectations as a valued consumer.

Level 1
  • Senior friendly environment
Level 2
  • Great discounts for seniors
  • Senior friendly environment
Level 3
  • Great discounts for seniors
  • Senior friendly environment
  • Senior friendly workplace